Ben visits Equine Pathways UK

Ben visits Equine Pathways UK

Ben has recently expressed an interest in spending time with horses, he explained he didn’t want to ride but that he wanted to be around horses more, to brush and stroke them and enjoy their company. The staff at LAS recognised the therapeutic benefits that can come with spending time with horses and Ben often said horses made him feel better. We contacted Equine Pathways UK on Ben’s behalf to enquire about him accessing their services. Equine Pathways UK offer free therapy sessions to adults and children with autism, learning difficulties, those struggling with bullying, mental illness and depression with a focus on building confidence and self-esteem.

Ben has visited Equine Pathways UK twice now, with another session booked in for next month. He has enjoyed brushing the ponies, leading, praising, running around the arena with the ponies and also stroking and spending time with the bigger horses. Ben said: “I enjoyed the day. I got to brush, stroke, cuddle and the horse put its head around me. I got to run around, clap and run with them. It was a fab day” he also said “I can talk to the horses, they listen to me and they talk back. They make me feel better”.

Since attending therapy sessions with Equine Pathways UK, Ben has already increased his knowledge and confidence with horses. He has expressed a desire to build upon this and aims to become a volunteer.

Horses give great hugs


Giving the horses a brush

horses 2