NAS Autism Accreditation Survey

NAS Autism Accreditation Survey

Every three years LAS’s VACS accreditation status is reviewed; Autism Accreditation is an internationally recognised quality standard and achieving accreditation proves that as an organisation, we are committed to understanding autism and setting the standard for autism practice.

As part of the VACS autism accreditation assessment which covers the whole of the VACS service, The National Autistic Society carry out a survey of autistic people, their families and other professionals who access and work with LAS; this entails completing an online survey using the following links:

Autistic People

This is intended for any autistic adult or young person who attends your school or service. It can be completed by the autistic person or with support. Where possible the person who helps the autistic person to complete the questionnaire should be independent from the school or service being assessed.

Families of Autistic People This is intended for the family member who represents the interests of the autistic person to complete

Professionals This is intended for any professionals who work with your school or service as part of a multi-professional team but are not directly employed by you.

Surveys must be submitted by the closing date: 9th April 2018; surveys cannot be completed after this date. The survey can be accessed via the links above or you can request the link be sent directly to you via email, by telephoning 0113 245 2645, option 4.

If you have any difficulty accessing the survey, or if you have any questions, you can contact Leeds Autism Services on 0113 245 2645, Option 4, or email