Free Autism Awareness Training For Families and Carers

Our support staff, and many other people who our beneficiaries come into contact with receive in-depth training around autism understanding. However, many of the families and carers of the people we support report that they receive very little information about what autism is, and what it means to be autistic once their relative has been diagnosed.

Many of the families and carers we work with have expressed an interest in attending a training session, held by LAS to develop their autism awareness and understanding, so they can better empathise with the autistic people in their lives.

We are aware that many of the families we work with may have financial challenges in their lives due to the time and expense they need to invest to support their relative or loved one. With this in mind, we would like to run several free training sessions for the families and carers of the people we support and we are appealing for your help to make this a reality.

What is in the training?

We are proposing to run a series of 3 hour courses based on the training we deliver to our own staff. This would serve the dual purpose of providing in-depth and up-to-date information about autism, and giving families the opportunity to see for themselves the training our staff receive as part of their induction.

This session would aim to promote acceptance of people on the autistic spectrum by helping others to understand what it really means to be autistic. We focus on enhancing autism understanding through discussion of how autistic people experience the world around them. The course promotes the idea that autistic people are better served, not by viewing autism as a disorder or condition, but by accepting it as a different way of thinking.

It also gives some pointers around providing practical support, whilst recognising the diversity and individuality of autistic people.

The course will be presented by Pete Hughes, CEO of Leeds Autism Services, and Gina Yelland, an autistic mum of two, and employee of Leeds Autism Services.

What will the funding cover?

We aim to raise £5,000 in order to deliver the series of free training courses for families. The funding will cover:

  • The costs of Venue Hire
  • Refreshments
  • Printed course materials
  • Development of training content 
  • Training delivery 

Thank you for your support.