The last 12 months have been very difficult for most of us, but it has been an especially challenging time for many of the people we support and their families. The ongoing uncertainty of the situation has had a massive impact on mental health; many of our members have not been able to access face-to-face support since the first lockdown, and have suffered massive disruptions to their routines, resulting in increased risk of isolation, loss of confidence or damage to self-esteem. 

While we are all looking forward to the easing of restrictions in the coming months, the people who we support are facing yet another period of re-adjustment as things start to open up.

We are asking for your help to give people something they can really look forward to, which will boost confidence, self-esteem and ease the journey back to some form of normality. 

What we are planning

We want to raise money to put on a Covid-secure celebration or outing for our members, their families and our wonderful team of support staff. We want to celebrate the strength and resilience everyone has shown throughout the pandemic, and give thanks for the ongoing patience, understanding and support that people have shown during this challenging time.

The aim of the event is to give everyone a much needed boost, and to let our members know how well we think they've coped. We hope that this will help to restore people's confidence, give back some self-esteem, and ensure that those who have not been able to access face-to-face support know that they are still very much part of our caring community. 

How can I help?

Our members pay for their own activities, and the fees paid to us by the local authority are used to pay our staff, maintain our buildings, and pay for essential services; this means our ability to put on a special event is limited by our existing budgets.

We'd be extremely grateful if you could make a donation, or create your own fundraising event, so we can give the people we care for a real day to look forward to and remember.

As we follow the road out of lockdown, we know there will be bumps along the way, but with your help we can make that journey just that bit smoother.