Around 40% of autistic people also have a learning disability, so we're planning lots of exciting events to celebrate Leeds Learning Disability Week 2021 (14th - 20th June)

This years theme is art and creativity

We want to use the week to raise awareness and promote inclusion, as well as explore peoples strengths and abilities to the highlight the wonderfully neuro-diverse world we live in.


Here are the activities that are taking place in our bases and online during #LDWeek2021:

  • Sunshine Art Display at Leeds Market
  • Wellbeing walk and guided tour of the waterways at Leeds Dock
  • BBQ in our bases
  • Live Arts & Crafts tutorial
  • Baking & Photography
  • Quiz Friday
  • Wellness guide to connecting with nature 

Sunshine Art Display

We've been busy creating a giant sunshine to display at the historic Leeds Market, to shine a light on the talents of our members! 

Each person has customised their own mini sunshine to express their personality, and we've added these together to build a giant tapestry of sunshines. 

Leeds Autism Services' sunshine collage will be displayed at Leeds Market for the whole of Learning Disability week, from Monday 14th - Sunday 20th June

Wellbeing Walk - Leeds Dock

We've been invited down to Leeds Dock by the Canal and River Trust to explore the wellbeing benefits of the waterways and accessing nature.

Our trip will take place on Tuesday, 15th June in the afternoon. Time will be confirmed shortly.


We're holding a BBQ for our members at each of our VACS bases on Wednesday, 16th June. We'll be sending out invites to everyone who attends Leeds Autism Services; however, we must abide by all Covid and social distancing rules by making this an outside event only and restricting numbers to 30 people.

We'll be providing the food, drinks and good music! Lets just hope for some better weather! 

Live Arts & Craft Tutorial

We develop and deliver a whole host of fun and engaging activities in our bases from arts & crafts, cooking, nature and gardening to wellbeing and lifeskills.

So we thought we would host our own LIVE Zoom tutorial on Thursday, 17th June for everyone to get involved in.

Join us to make your own salt dough garden stakes and plant markers to add personality to your garden pots this summer!

Send us an email to [email protected] if you would like the joining details emailing to you prior. 

To take part, you will need:


1 cup/250g of plain flour

Half a cup/125g salt

Half a cup/125mil water

Equipment to get ready when before the session:

Measuring cups - if you have them. If not, you can use any cup or mug you have available or you can also use weighing scales.

Mixing bowls and spoons

Gloves - if you have sensitive skin, you may want to wear gloves as the salt can make skin feel sore. 

Chopping boards or a flat surface - covered in baking paper so you can roll out the dough.

Rolling pins and cookie cutters - have a selection of these ready so you can choose the ones you want.

Cutlery knives - if you want to cut out your own shape, instead of using a cookie cutter, you can use a knife to cut this out.

Cutlery forks/cocktail sticks- you can use these to add textures to the salt dough shapes.

Garden Stakes/skewers

Baking trays covered in baking paper - put the salt dough shapes on here, ready for air drying or baking in the oven.

Materials needed to decorate after air drying/baking:

Paint brushes and paint mixing trays

Paint - acrylic is better if you have it but don’t worry if not.

PVA glue

Glitter/sequins or any materials to decorate

Quiz Friday

We all love to test out knowledge with a good quiz! So we will be linking our bases on Friday, 18th June to enjoy a quiz-tastic afternoon of trivia and general knowledge.

We want our members to submit 5 questions each for our quiz, so speak to a member of staff.

Other Activities in Leeds

We will be taking part in a variety of events coordinated by other organisations like a talent show and baking & photography competitions with People Matters, Aspire CBS, People in Action, LEEP1 and Pyramid of Arts.

Head over to the Through the Maze page to find out what some of the other great services in the city have got planned for Learning Disability week that you can take part in.

Keep checking this page for the latest updates on what's happening in June across the city.