Helping to create a more autism friendly city…

How are we going to achieve this?

Most of the work we currently undertake is providing direct support to people on the autism spectrum. However, as a Leeds based autism charity we view ourselves as having a wider responsibility towards autistic people within our area.

Most people who are diagnosed with autism will not be entitled to, or necessarily receive direct support. However research shows that they are less likely to succeed in finding and maintaining gainful employment, develop relationships or have equal access to facilities.

At LAS we believe that by promoting neurodiversity and a better understanding of autism amongst the wider population, we can help to achieve real change in the experiences of autistic people. We aim to work with organisations within the private and public sectors to educate, enlighten and show the benefits which people on the spectrum bring to our communities. We also aim to work with businesses or service providers to make their products more accessible to people with autism thereby promoting wider acceptance and accessibility for people on the autistic spectrum. 

Some of the work we’ve done so far…

  • Working with Leeds Bradford Airport to provide advice on how to make flying more accessible and appealing to people with autism. Part of this work involved producing information to tell people what to expect when they use the airport and where to get help if they need. Our work with LBA is ongoing.
  • Work with a supermarket chain to make one of their Leeds stores more accessible to people on the spectrum. This included information about the store for people on the spectrum and sharing ideas about how they could make the store more autism friendly.
  • Delivering a talk about autism to post-16 students who were studying to work in the travel industry.
  • Talking to epilepsy professionals about autism and transition.
  • Co-hosting the Bigger and Better in Leeds annual event which aims to promote a positive view of autism and provide information about services within the city which promote autism acceptance.
  • Providing training to health teams, social care providers and private sector businesses about autism.