During the final part of 2020 we’ll be running a social media campaign to promote understanding, acceptance and positive thinking about autism, and we’d love you to get involved. It won’t cost a penny, and you don’t even have to get off the sofa to take part.

How To Take Part

All we’re asking is for people to share our #AutismPositivity memes, which we’ll be publishing every Monday, here on the website and on social media. You can either share the images from our social media pages, or download them to your device before posting them yourself.

What's the Aim

Autistic people are more likely to have difficulty:

  • Accessing work and education
  • Maintaining meaningful relationships
  • Staying mentally well
  • Maintaining housing tenancies
  • Accessing essential services
  • Accessing leisure facilities

In all too many cases, it is not being autistic which causes these difficulties, but attitudes towards autism. This needs to change. Our vision is to create a world where autistic people are understood, accepted and have equal access to opportunities. This campaign aims to educate, enlighten, inspire, and get people thinking differently about autism.

Share The Positivity

We want our positive messages to be spread far and wide, so please set your posts to public and include the #AutismPositivity hashtag.

Find our page on Facebook @LeedsAutismServices and on Twitter @LeedsAutism 

Let’s all share some positivity!

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