Getting A Placement 

Although some people pay to come to VACS themselves, most people have help towards paying for  their placement from their local authority. If you need help towards paying for the placement from your local  authority, you will need to get a social worker or care manager involved to find out if you are eligible for funding.

Making A Referral

To get a placement you will need to make a referral. A referral is a form that gives us some details about you, and will help us work out if we can provide the type of support you need. Social workers or care managers normally make the referral as they will be making the arrangements for funding. 

Finding Out About You

To work out if we are able to provide the type of support you want, we will need to do an assessment before we can offer you a placement. The assessment involves getting enough information about you so we can support you well. This might be information about any help you need with your health, your behaviour, how you communicate, the things you like and do not like, and how your autism affects you. 

This will help us to make sure you are safe and that you enjoy your placement when it starts. It will also help us to work out how you like to be supported and what you want to achieve at VACS. 

Who Can Come to VACS 

We work with adults with autism of all abilities and ages (18 years+). We are also able to support people who have complex needs and behaviour issues, and use Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) to help people to overcome their problems. 

To enquire about our services contact our team or send us an email [email protected]