Our Vocational and Community (VACS) services operate 5 days a week for 51 weeks of the year. Everyone comes to VACS on a 1:1 staffing basis, although we have many group and social activities people can take part in. 

We have two bases that we work from - Grape Street located in Hunslet, South Leeds and New Mabgate in Armley.


  • outdoor areas
  • communal areas
  • individual workshop rooms
  • toilets/changing facilities
  • life skills areas
  • sensory rooms
  • quiet areas

Visit Our Locations page for further details on our centres and how to find them.

Support and Activities

People often ask us what activities we can offer, but we prefer to hear what people want to achieve, and then work out how we are going to do it!

The people use VACS for all sorts of reasons: leisure activities, help with health, learning new skills, help with communication, emotional or practical support, help with behaviour problems, getting out, meeting people...whatever your goals in life, we'll try to support you to reach them.

The plans we make are always flexible, and you can change things at any time. If you’re part of VACS, you’re in control.

Popular Activities:

Here are some examples of the activities that are popular at VACS:



Travel Skills

Arts & Crafts


Community Access

Going to College

Work Experience


Sporting Activities


Communication Skills 

The images are taken from the Easy On The I - Image Bank www.easyonthei-leeds.nhs.uk/